ROC 24 - Hand Colouring Medals

ROC 24 along with most medals currently on our blog was again one of the very first we created

There were two very distinctive points about this wooden medal design which 1 is very apparent, the colour but the second not so obvious from the image.

This was our very first 5mm medal!

Since then we've branched right out to slate, bamboo etc. You name it we cut and etch it. But right at the beginning 5mm was a breakthrough for us.

The added weight and thickness in your hand actually add's a considerable amount of perceived value. So if you want to treat your runners to a really great feeling medal 5mm is one of the ways to go.

With this 5mm wooden medal we also mentioned colour. 

This is one of the best colour/staining jobs we've done to date. These were all done by hand, individually per medal. 

We first painted on a nice thick coat and then to get the depth we gave each on a hand sand over the top to distress any raised areas of the medal.

The reason for this is staining and painting the wood prior to etching and cutting could cause an unwanted singe on the outside cut on the wooden medal. 

I hope you agree, it really is an incredible looking medal.

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