We can now get colour on our medals! 28 days later

So we've been making wooden sports medals and trophies for over a year now.

We've have everything from simple designs to more complicated layer designs.

One of the main criticisms of wooden medals is that they lack colour. 

So to please those who fancy a splash of colour, we've tried many ways to achieve this, we've done glitter painted medals and acrylic paint too.

For those of you who don't know Zero Waste Medals has a brother over at Local Print Pros. We print absolutely anything and everything. This includes sublimating tee shirts. 

Now that may have seemed like a bit of pointless information but actually it explains the back story behind our newest exploration into the world of coloured medals. 

These bright green medals you can see have been coloured using our new wooden sublimation process which we have now perfected.

This means that we can get any design pretty much onto wood and it barely changes the price of the medal either.

The rest of the magic behind this medal comes from the layering as well. It grants it a fantastic 3D effect that most other medals just can't get.

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