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Ceramic C25K  medal Type 1

Ceramic C25K medal Type 1

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Introducing our extraordinary Couch to 5k Event Themed Medal for 2023, a work of art that redefines excellence and craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, this medal adds a touch of elegance to your Couch to 5k event. The sublimation printing process ensures that every intricate detail and theme element comes to life with striking vividness and precision.

Designed with event organizers in mind, this medal serves as a canvas of creativity, allowing you to personalize it with your event's logo, theme, or any artwork that encapsulates the spirit of your Couch to 5k challenge. Its durability ensures that it becomes a cherished memento for participants, symbolizing their remarkable journey in a tangible and beautiful form. Elevate your event with the Couch to 5k Event Themed Medal, where exceptional design intertwines with lasting memories.

WHAT IF YOU ORDERED TOO MANY? No need to fret. You can return any surplus medals, and we'll provide you with a generous 50% credit towards your next order. That's not just saving, that's being eco-conscious. Reach out to us for return information at

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