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Sands UK: A Beacon of Support for Those Affected by Stillbirth and Miscarriage

In the often silent realm of grief, Sands UK stands as a pillar of strength and support for those who have experienced the profound loss of their child through stillbirth, miscarriage or any other means. At the heart of their mission is a commitment to healing, compassion, and community, helping individuals navigate through the challenging journey of loss. As a dedicated charity, Sands UK has partnered with various organisations to raise awareness and crucial funds, including a special collaboration with Zero Waste Medals to create sustainable wooden medals for their impactful fundraising events.

Supporting Sands UK with Sustainable Wooden Medals:

Zero Waste Medals proudly stands alongside Sands UK in their mission to provide support and comfort to those affected by the devastating experiences of baby loss. The commitment to creating sustainable wooden medals not only reflects the eco-conscious values but also contributes to the meaningful nature of the cause. These medals serve as tangible symbols of remembrance and acknowledgment for those who participate in Sands UK's fundraising events.


Charity Discount: Helping Fundraisers Stay Within Budget

We understanding the financial challenges that often accompany charitable endeavors. We have been steadfast in offering a charity discount to Sands UK. This commitment ensures that Sands UK can maximise its fundraising efforts, directing more resources towards their invaluable support programs and initiatives.

Diverse Fundraising Events:

Sands UK actively organises a variety of events throughout the year, each designed to bring people together in solidarity and remembrance. From swimming fundraisers and running events to walking fundraisers and squat challenges, Sands UK fosters a sense of community and shared purpose. We are honoured to be the chosen partner for providing sustainable wooden medals for these events, contributing to the overall success of Sands UK's fundraising initiatives.



Customisation for a Personal Touch:

Recognising the importance of personalisation, Zero Waste Medals offers the option to customize ribbons for Sands UK's medals. Event details and charity names can be incorporated into the design, adding an extra layer of visual significance to each medal. This thoughtful touch enhances the overall experience for participants and reinforces the connection to Sands UK's mission.

In a world where grief can be isolating, Sands Charity shines as a beacon of support, and Zero Waste Medals is proud to play a role in their impactful journey. To support the charity yourself, you can DONATE a custom amount by clicking on the word DONATE on this blog.

To other charities seeking a dedicated partner for their fundraising initiatives, Zero Waste Medals extends an invitation to connect and explore how together, we can make a positive impact on communities in need.

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