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We get lots of questions about our medals so here's some of the easier ones to answer?

How much do medals cost?

Medals range in price based on a few factors, quantity, size and complexity. So its always best to head to our easy to use enquiry form to get an accurate quote.

How long to medals take to make?
Most medal orders we get done between 2-4 weeks (faster than you'll get at most places). 
There are a few factors to consider with this in mind. If you have a complex design it may take longer, making your medal double sided will essentially double the time it takes to make the medal too. 

I've got quote, what happens next?
Next you need to confirm your design details and get your invoice paid.

The reason for this is we can't guarantee any dates until you've got your order in our busy queue of orders. 

We've got unlimited revisions on medal designs so we'll get it spot on with your ideas in mind.

After this they will get on the machines to be engraved - depending on the size of your order this can take 1 day (in our schedule of jobs) or weeks if you've ordered 1000's. If you've told us the day you need them for we guarantee they will be on time or your money back.

What if my orders urgent?

If you've got an urgent order please email us at with ALL the information you can provide, not only does this make it easy to quote but it also means all the information is kept in one place. 

I need to update you on my order, what do I do?
Pop us an email to - If we don't response immediately it's normally because we're at the machines in the workshop but we check the e-mails regularly so don't fret we'll update you on any changes we make.

How does the credit work?

When you buy your medals from us, any medals left over can be sent to us for credit towards your next order. It's all part of the Zero Waste Medals ethos! Once you've sent them back you'll get confirmation of how many we received and what the value was. 

Money back guarantee:

Here at ZWM we get how important your event day is to you. This is why we offer our money back guarantee - We will refund you the full amount if your medals aren't in time for your event day.