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Celebrate Your Couch to 5K Journey with Our Unique Range of Medals! 🏅🏃‍♂️

Embarking on a Couch to 5K journey is a remarkable achievement, and at Zero Waste Medals, we believe every milestone deserves recognition! 🌟 Our new range of Couch to 5K medals is designed to celebrate your hard work and commitment, whether you've conquered your first park run, circled the block without stopping, or stayed dedicated to your fitness goals.

Gift of Achievement: Perfect for Friends, Family, or Yourself

Whether you're looking for the ideal gift for a friend or family member who completed this incredible journey or a well-deserved reward for yourself, our Couch to 5K medals are the perfect choice.

1. Sublimated Colour Wooden Medals: Nature Meets Vibrancy

Our sublimated colour wooden medals offer a touch of nature with a burst of vibrant hues. Fully customisable and bespoke, these medals allow you to create a unique keepsake that reflects your personal journey.

2. Slate Medals: Raw Beauty, Timeless Elegance

Experience the raw beauty and timeless elegance of our slate medals. Engraved to perfection, these medals capture the essence of your Couch to 5K triumphs against the rugged backdrop of slate.

3. Full-Colour Ceramic Medals: Splash into a World of Possibilities

For a burst of full-colour brilliance, explore our ceramic medals. These eye-catching awards are a canvas for your accomplishments, offering a stunning display of your Couch to 5K journey.


4. Standard Engraved Wood: Classic Recognition, Time-Honoured Style

Our standard engraved wood medals offer a classic touch of recognition, perfect for commemorating your milestones with a timeless style. We have two choices in this range, C25K and 5K.

Personalise Your Medal, Personalise Your Journey

Choose from a massive array of ribbon colors to complement your medal, and if you desire that extra touch, we can even print onto the ribbons. Make your medal as unique as your Couch to 5K journey!

How to Order: Reward Yourself Today!

Ready to celebrate your achievements? Email us at or call us at 01952 474131 to discuss your customisation preferences and place your order.

At Zero Waste Medals, we're here to commemorate your journey, one medal at a time. Cheers to your Couch to 5K success!

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