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Creating something Memorable for Hospiscare's Twilight With a Twist

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable story behind our latest wooden medal creation at Zero Waste Medals! We couldn't resist dedicating a special blog feature to this exceptional piece of art.

🌟 But first, let's take a moment to marvel at its sheer beauty. This wooden medal is truly a sight to behold, a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity that went into its making.

Now, let's delve into the journey of how this extraordinary medal came into existence. It all began with the inception of the event, created in honour of Twilight with a Twist's 15th anniversary. Originally set to take place on Exmouth Seafront, an event that attracted hundreds of incredible women and men.

However, like many other events, circumstances required us to transform it into a virtual experience. Despite the challenges, we were determined to capture the essence of the original event within this special medal.

As you examine the intricate details of the medal, you'll notice the beaming sun and clear blue skies of Exmouth in the background. Below, the waves from the seafront cascade gracefully, while three participants of the event walk proudly over the celebratory logo commemorating the 15th anniversary.


The colour palette chosen for this design not only reflects the theme of previous years but also exudes a vibrant and powerful magenta hue, adding an extra touch of enchantment.

At Zero Waste Medals, we couldn't be prouder of this exceptional creation. We're delighted that it helped raise additional funds for Hospiscare, making a meaningful impact in the process. Want to help? Check out their donation pages here: Ways to donate (

As part of our commitment to supporting charities, we offer a special 50% discount on all our wooden medals for our charitable clients. This offer allows them to reduce overhead costs and maximize the funds raised throughout their events. It's our way of helping them make an even greater difference.

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary medal and the incredible work being done by Hospiscare. Together, we can create a world filled with compassion, support, and unforgettable achievements.

For more information about the charity and the event see the links below.


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