Creating something Memorable for Hospicecare's Twilight With a Twist

Soon as we had finished the first medal, we knew that we can't possibly let this wooden medal go by without its own special blog feature about how it came to be.

But first let's marvel at its beauty for a moment.

Now that's out of the way lets talk a little bit about how the medal came to be in the first place.

To do that, you first need to know about the initial inception of the event created in aid of Twilight with a Twists 15th anniversary.

Originally the event took place on Exmouth Seafront which attracts hundreds of awesome women and men.

This event, like many others, had to rearranged into a virtual event but thankfully we feel that we were able to capture some of the original event in the medal.

I think after the above you're able to piece it together why the elements of the medal are what they are.

However in the background we've got the beaming sun and clear blue skys of Exmouth. Below this are the waves from the seafront along with 3 participants of the event walking over the celebratory logo for the 15th anniversary.

The colour in this design is in keeping with the theme from the previous years as well, maintaining that bright powerful magenta.

All of us at zero waste medals are really proud of this medal and so happy that we got to help raise additional funds for Hospicecare.

Any of our clients who are charities are given our 50% off all our wooden medals pricing. This offer helps them reduce overheads of funds raised throughout the whole event which is always good.

for more information about the charity and the event see the links below.

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