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Exciting Race Ideas for August: Let Medals Bring Your Events to Life!

As race directors and organisers, you're always on the lookout for new and captivating race ideas that will leave participants inspired and engaged. August is packed with notable events and causes, offering a fantastic opportunity to create unique races and celebrate various occasions.
To add an extra special touch to your events, we are pleased to announce that our exclusive medal design mock ups are available to you for free! Read on for a collection of race ideas centered around exciting dates in August, and get ready to make your event unforgettable.
1. Yorkshire Day - August 1st
Celebrate the beautiful county of Yorkshire with a race that showcases its rich heritage and stunning landscapes. Organise a scenic marathon, half-marathon, or fun run that takes participants through iconic Yorkshire towns, quaint villages, and breath taking countryside. Highlight Yorkshire's iconic symbols, such as roses and the famous Yorkshire pudding in your medal design.
2. International Owl Awareness Day - August 4th
Embrace the mystique of these fascinating creatures by hosting an owl-themed race. Run during dusk and choose a course that winds through woodlands or nature reserves. Provide participants with owl-themed or glow in the dark medals to honour these majestic birds and raise awareness about their conservation.
3. Sea Serpent Day - August 7th
Dive into the realm of myth and legend with a sea serpent-themed race! Design a course along a coastal stretch, and encourage participants to channel their inner sea serpent as they conquer the race. A great race to help raise awareness of ocean conservation. Check out this charity here: Marine Conservation Society | Home (
4. World Lion Day - August 10th
Pay tribute to the majestic kings of the jungle by hosting a lion-themed race. Choose a charity that helps the conservation of lions in the wild. Create a high endurance challenge for your more seasoned racers to highlight the lions strength and perseverance. Design lion-inspired medals to reward participants for their courage and determination.
5. World Elephant Day - August 12th
Create an unforgettable experience with an elephant-themed race that raises awareness about the conservation of these incredible creatures. Provide participants with medals featuring elephants to honour their commitment to elephant conservation. You can adopt your very own elephant in the wild and help a good cause by checking out the link here, Adopt an Elephant Today | WWF UK
6. International Youth Day - August 12th
Inspire the younger generation to stay active and lead healthy lives with a youth-focused race. Organise age-appropriate races or fun runs and encourage young participants to embrace the joy of physical activity. 
7. Left Handers Day - August 13th
Celebrate the uniqueness of left-handed individuals by organising a race that embraces their creative flair. Design a course that incorporates playful challenges specifically tailored for left-handed participants. Present medals that feature left-handed symbols, acknowledging the participants' distinctive abilities.
8.Granny Square Day - August 15th
Unleash your creativity and celebrate the art of crochet with an activity trail inspired by Granny Square Day. Encourage participants to wear vibrant, handmade  accessories during the day. Invite local craft groups to take part with different craft stations along the route.
9.International Orangutan Day - August 19th
Raise awareness about the conservation of orangutans and their natural habitats by organising an orangutan-themed race. Choose a route that highlights lush greenery or tropical landscapes, reminiscent of the orangutans' native environments. or go adventurous and try a high ropes course! Design medals featuring these intelligent and charismatic primates, serving as a reminder of the importance of their preservation. Welcome | Orangutan Appeal ( is a UK based charity determined to help with the conservation of these amazing creatures. 
10.International Dog Day - August 26th
Celebrate our faithful companions and their unconditional love with a dog-themed walk on International Dog Day. Invite participants to run or walk with their furry friends, fostering a sense of community among dog lovers. Design medals that showcase and acknowledge the bond between humans and their canine companions.
August offers a plethora of exciting events and causes to inspire race directors and organisers. By incorporating these unique race ideas, you can create memorable experiences for participants while promoting awareness and celebrating special occasions. Don't forget to take advantage of our free medal designs to make your events truly remarkable. So, start planning, get creative, and prepare to amaze your participants with unforgettable races throughout the month of August!


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