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Paddle to Perfection: Dive into Our Colourful Kayaking Medal Collection! 🚣‍♂️🏅

Hello, fellow paddlers and water enthusiasts! 🌊✨ At Zero Waste Medals, we're thrilled to introduce our vibrant range of kayaking medals, designed to celebrate the spirit of adventure and achievement on the water.

1. Colour Sublimated Wooden Medals: Where Nature Meets Technicolour

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our Colour Sublimated Wooden Medals – a perfect blend of natural elegance and bold hues. Personalise these medals to capture your kayaking triumphs in vivid detail.


2. Engraved Slate Medals: Unearth the Essence of the Elements

Our Engraved Slate Medals bring a touch of raw authenticity to your awards. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, capturing the essence of kayaking against the textured backdrop of slate.


3. Bright and Bold Ceramic Medals: Splash into a World of Vibrancy

Add a pop of colour to your victories with our Bright and Bold Ceramic Medals. These eye-catching awards don't just celebrate success – they become a statement piece of your kayaking journey.


4. Standard Engraved Medals: Classic Elegance, Timeless Recognition

For those who appreciate the classics, our Standard Engraved Medals offer timeless elegance. Though not personalised, they speak volumes about achievement and dedication.

5. Transform Medals into Trophies: Elevate Your Triumphs

Take your recognition to new heights by transforming any of our medal designs into trophies. From the podium to your shelf, let your accomplishments shine in style.

Eco-Conscious Values: Sustainably Crafted for a Greener Tomorrow

At Zero Waste Medals, we're committed to eco-conscious practices. All our materials are carefully chosen to reflect our sustainable values. And as we paddle into 2024, we're planting a tree for every £500 spent, with a goal to plant over 1000 trees by the year's end.

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Ready to elevate your kayaking awards with our colourful and sustainable collection? Visit our collections page here: Kayaking Medals – Zero Waste Medals ( Or email us at or give us a call at 01952 474131. Let's make your victories shine brightly in 2024 and beyond!

Here's to a year of adventure, achievement, and a greener planet! 🌍💙 

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