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Race Day Stories - The Great Orme Junior Open Tournament

The 1st 2023 Great Orme Junior Open Tournament took place last Saturday, marking its entrance into the rich history of the Great Orme Tournaments, which have been delighting badminton enthusiasts for 23 years. While the event is expertly organised and run by its host, the real stars of the show are the young, talented players who take the court. From the finesse of the U-12 girls to the powerful plays of the U-12 boys and beyond, this tournament showcased the diverse styles of play that every aspiring champion encounters.

U-12 Singles

In the U-12 boys' singles category, four young talents emerged as the top contenders. Eden Harris from South Wales and John Britto from Conwy represented Group A, while Aadi Shah from Cheshire and Rocco Caton from Conwy dominated Group B. The final match was a battle between Eden Harris and Aadi Shah, with Eden clinching the title. The U-12 Girls Singles winners' medal was awarded to Poppy Williams, who impressed everyone with her performance.

U-14 Singles

The U-14 boys' singles category featured two intense groups, with Luke Betts from North East Wales and Jimmy Lai from Cheshire advancing from Group A, and Eden Harris from South Wales and Samara Britto from Conwy moving on from Group B. Eden Harris triumphed in the final, securing his second winners' medal of the day. In the U-14 girls singles, Samara Britto overcame Mia Pleass (Conwy) to claim the top prize. Eden Harris also claimed his third victory of the day when he partnered with Luke Betts to win the boys' doubles.

U-16 Girls Singles

The U-16 girls' singles event showcased style, skill, and all-around excellent play. Wai Yee Ina Law and Serena Yang from Cheshire represented Group A, while Risheka Sathyanathan and Amelie Chandran from Conwy conquered Group B. Risheka outplayed her opponent, Serena, in a thrilling 3-set semi-final match, securing a spot in the final against Wai Yee, which she eventually won. Wai Yee and Risheka joined forces to dominate the U-16 girls' doubles category, defeating Isabel Williams and Amelie Chandran from Conwy in the final.

U-16 Boys Singles

The U-16 boys' singles featured three competitive groups. Tejas Sirikonda and Luke Betts emerged as the top players from Group A, Eden Harris and Bobby Lai dominated Group B, and Joe Scott and Denver Caton advanced from Group C. Tejas and Luke secured their spots in the semi-finals by defeating Denver and Joe, respectively. Tejas went on to win the tournament by defeating Bobby Lai in the final, marking Eden's third appearance in different age groups. In the boys' doubles, Tejas Sirikonda and Joe Scott claimed victory, defeating Luke and Eden in a tightly contested final.

U-18 Categories

The U-18 Girls Singles title was won by Amelie Chandran from Conwy, who triumphed over Jolene Wong from Liverpool in a gripping final. In the U-18 Boys Singles, Conwy players Cai Owen and Oliver Chandran advanced to the semi-finals, where they outperformed North East Wales players Cal Johnson and Jack Foster. Cai and Oliver went head-to-head in the final, with Cai prevailing as the champion. In the U-18 Boys Doubles, Oliver Chandran and Cai Owen formed a dynamic duo, winning the event by defeating Oliver Price and Jack Foster from North East Wales.

"The success of the 2023 Great Orme Junior Open Tournament was made possible with the invaluable assistance of Sam Chandran and the support of parents and grandparents. Additionally, Zero Waste Medals played a significant role in the event by supplying the wooden medals, promoting eco-friendly practices and emphasising sustainability in sports. A special thanks goes to all 46 talented players who not only displayed exceptional skills on the court but also exhibited exemplary sportsmanship on and off the court."

Congratulations to all participants, and we eagerly await the next installment of the Junior Open in December.


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