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Race Day Stories - Union Chain Bridge to Berwick 9.5km swim

The inaugural Union Chain Bridge to Berwick 9.5km swim, organised by Take to the Water CIC, brought together swimmers from all walks of life for a day of aquatic challenge and fundraising. 

The Union Chain Bridge to Berwick 9.5km swim was organised as a fundraiser to support the incredible work of the Borders Water Rescue Team (BWRT). This event marked the beginning of an annual tradition, aiming to raise funds and awareness for this essential organisation. BWRT plays a vital role in water safety and rescue operations, ensuring the safety of people in the Borders region. The event not only pushed the physical limits of the swimmers but also contributed to a cause that saves lives.

One of the most exhilarating parts of the race was swimming under four bridges, including the iconic Berwick railway bridge. The swimmers were treated to breathtaking views as they navigated the waters and passed under these remarkable structures. The historic ambiance added a unique touch to the event, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

As the swimmers emerged from the water, the sense of accomplishment and euphoria was palpable. The grueling 9.5km swim was a true test of endurance and determination, and the elation on the faces of the participants was a sight to behold. The smiles were a testament to the hard work, dedication, and joy that comes from overcoming such a challenging feat. They was also rewarded with an amazing Zero Waste Medals Slate medal for their accomplishment. 

The entire event was made possible and safe by the dedicated efforts of the Borders Water Rescue Team. Their tireless support in the water ensured the safety of all swimmers throughout the event. Their presence and vigilance instilled confidence in the participants, making the event a grand success.

Beyond the waters, the Rotary Clubs extended their unwavering support to the event. Their assistance, coordination, and encouragement played a crucial role in the event's success, ensuring smooth logistics and a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

The Union Chain Bridge to Berwick 9.5km swim was not only a thrilling physical challenge but a heartfelt endeavor to support the Borders Water Rescue Team. The event brought together a community of individuals who showcased their strength and spirit, making a positive difference in the world. We eagerly await the next edition of this incredible event, knowing it will only grow and make an even more significant impact on water safety and rescue efforts in the Borders region.



(Rotary Club and their medals) 


(Swimmer proudly displaying their medal)


(Swimmers embracing as they finish the course)

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