Rafiki Thabo Foundation - Log Slice Medals

Right at the heart of Zero Waste Medals is an ethos to help the world be a better place.

Firstly this sits in our sustainability efforts driving the industry to be more conscious of its environmental impact by using more sustainable sources when it comes to race day.

However alongside this sustainability goal for wooden medals is a deep desire to help those in need from a more personal angle.

At Zero Waste Medals, Charities currently are entitled to 50% off their whole medal order.

Affordability is a big thing when it comes to charities as the money they are making often needs to go to the cause instead, so we ensure to the best of our ability that charities efforts are supported when buying from us. 

Secondly we love to shout out about the events and efforts of the charities themselves.

Wooden Log Slice medal

These amazing wooden log slice medals are being made for the Rafiki Thabo Foundation as part of their Relay Event. Here's a snippet from their post about the event:

" The amazing #rafikirelay teams will have another week to collect all sponsorship promises, before we will know the final total raised through Rafiki Relay for Education and how many young people in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho the wonderful participants and their sponsors will empower through education together with @rafikithabofoundation!

Every participant who manages to fundraise (or donate) £10 or more will receive their very special #rafikirelay2021 medal!

We are so grateful to the wonderful @techpixiejoy of @techpixies who is sponsoring our stunning medals. The fit is perfect, as both organisations have education and empowerment at their heart. Rafiki Thabo empowers young girls and boys to fulfil their potential through education.

TechPixies is an award-winning social enterprise that has empowered thousands of women to learn how to leverage social media in order to return to work, change careers or start a business through online learning. Check out their website for more information https://techpixies.com.
Thank you @TechPixies for your medal sponsorship and for your amazing contribution to the #rafikirelay by trekking already 2845km and raising nearly £1,000!! "

If you're a charity and want help raising money for your cause whilst keeping costs down, speak to us today. We'd love to help you.

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