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Rafiki Thabo Foundation - Log Slice Medals

At Zero Waste Medals, we are driven by a deep desire to create a better world. Sustainability is at the core of our mission, pushing the industry to be more environmentally conscious on race days by utilizing sustainable sources. But our commitment to making a positive impact doesn't stop there.

We strongly believe in supporting charities and their noble causes. That's why any event organised by a charity is entitled to an incredible 35% off their entire medal order. We understand that affordability is crucial for charities, ensuring that the funds they raise can be fully dedicated to their mission. We go above and beyond to support their efforts when they choose us as their medal provider.

Moreover, we love to shine a spotlight on the amazing work done by charities. Take, for example, the Rafiki Thabo Foundation and their Relay Event. We've had the privilege of crafting stunning wooden log slice medals for this incredible initiative. Their race event is empowering young people in Kenya, Uganda, and Lesotho through education, aligning perfectly with our values of education and empowerment.

Rafiki Thabo Foundation About Rafiki Thabo | Working in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho ( is a UK charity based in Oxfordshire, UK. They work with their committees in Kenya, Lesotho and Uganda to identify the children and young people who most need our support. All their scholars are from households who are struggling to make ends meet and can no longer afford school or higher education needs, more than half have lost one or both parents, and several are living with a disability. Through their school meals programme, ‘Eat Well to Learn’, they provide at least 70 of the very poorest students with lunch each day at their partner school in Uganda. For many, this is their only daily meal

Want to donate? Click the link here https: Donate to the Rafiki Thabo Foundation | Every Penny Counts (


Every participant who managed to fundraise £10 or more was rewarded with the special #rafikirelay2021 medal, a symbol of their remarkable achievement. We are grateful to the wonderful @techpixiejoy of @techpixies for sponsoring these stunning medals. Education and empowerment lie at the heart of both organizations. Rafiki Thabo empowers young girls and boys to fulfill their potential through education, while TechPixies has empowered thousands of women through online learning, helping them return to work, change careers, or start their own businesses. Check out their website at

We extend our heartfelt thanks to @TechPixies for their medal sponsorship and their incredible contribution to the #rafikirelay. Their dedication is evident as they have already trekked 2845km and raised nearly £1,000. Together, we are making a meaningful impact.

Here are some more examples of Log slice medals: 

If you represent a charity and are seeking guidance and assistance in raising funds for your cause while minimizing costs, reach out to us today. We are passionate about helping charities make a difference. Together, we can create positive change and leave a lasting impact on the world.
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