The Charles Darwin Day Medal - Most adaptable to change!

The Charles Darwin Day event is one held every year by our friend & awesome Race director Denzil of How Hard Can It Be Events (Link here)

This is an event held locally to ourselves in sunny Shropshire so it was such an honour to be asked to produce one of his best medals in a more sustainable material, in wood !

Thats right, this incredible medal has been previously made in metal.

As you can see below it looks quite nice too

When Denzil came to us last year and asked what we could do with the design he already had we were unsure how well the application to wood would take.

As you can see there is quite a bit of shine to metal which in the palm of your hand creates depth but we never knew just how well it would translate.

As you can see applying it to wood actually came out incredible, with a few adjustments to contrast and some redrawing to make certain bits really POP this medal is truly one of a kind.

What we love about this medal:

Working with wood, people often think there are limitations to the media, and that it can be rather flat and 2 dimensional which in some cases is completely true.

However, this wooden medal completely kicks this idea out of the water. The high contrast means that not only does the medal look three dimensional but it has a 3D feel (you'll have to take our word for that!).

We also love medals with tonnes of detail too, its a great challenge to take on to make sure that not a single dot is missed.

We cant wait to do another medal similar to this again. 

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