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WCBW - Back for round 2 - Wooden Boxing Medals

WCBW are a returning customer for wooden medals who are White Collar Boxing Wales based out of Cardiff.

They use the events to raise money for Bronwens Wish. Bronwen's Wish is a charity that helps children and young people in school's by providing safe spaces for those with emotional difficulties.

"Bronwen’s Wish is a Charity in memory of Bronwen Morgan, who passed away in August 2020 by suicide. Bronwen was a 26-year-old Mental Health Nursing student in her second year of studying – in addition to her first-class honour’s degree in Primary Education. Bronwen was a bright, beautiful person with the kindest and most caring soul. Her loss has left a huge hole in many people’s lives. This was a letter that Bronwen had left before she took her life.

Let’s fight for bronwen and get her voice heard. Please share this post for justice. We want to continue to honour Bronwen in her memory by constantly pushing and pushing until we can make change."
To reward their entrants of the WCBW's Cardiff competition they asked us to do their wooden boxing medals for their Cardiff Event in July. 

These were done on 3mm birch ply and had a nice deep engrave to make the logo and event writing really prominent.
Here at Zero Waste Medals we like to help charities raise more money for the cause by spending less on their event equipment including our medals. So to help charitys buying medals we grant them up to 50% off the standard price meaning more of that important funding goes to the cause.
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