Welsh Slate Trophies – Why Is Everyone Talking About Slate Medals?

As you might have seen on previous blogs, we enjoy experimenting and working with new materials to be able to offer customers lots of exciting options. You might already know that we use slate to make 68mm medals but did you know we also make trophies from this beautiful & natural material. Slate is naturally sustainable and we purchase our supply from a world heritage site too.
Mined in North Wales this lovely slate is crafted in to different shapes and sizes by the small family run business, https://www.facebook.com/penrhynslatecrafts. Circular, rectangular, square or even heart shaped we get them all in for special orders. Contact us with your ideas, we would love to work with you on your medal/trophies
We have used this company for over a year now and we have loved the quality since day one. These slates work really well being engraved on any of our many laser machines. They have become more and more popular with our customers and make for impressive trophies for podium places, awards evenings ,end of show etc
When we first started working with slate, we made medal sized slate pieces for running races but as I said above, we have since started producing bigger pieces for many different events. We have made trophies for trail races, road races and even canicross but also for business annual awards.
A recent event we provided medals and trophies for was a boxing and martial arts tournament. We made over *** medals and *** slate trophies for the winners of each fight, we were proud of our work on this project and look forward to branching into other sports we not not been involved in before. One of the staff members, Nick, at our sister company LOCAL PRINT PROS took place in the main event fight and we even sponsored the event.
If you have an event coming up, feel free to message us on social media or email us to discuss ideas/prices.
If you are a charity, we are still continuing our charity discount pricing offer. We like to support good causes when we can!

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