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Women's Football Medals - What a way to celebrate

You can't get much better than winning the Euro's with a top performance from Englands brightest and best women. 

Well we thought we'd kick off the celebrations by offering free medals for all girls football teams. 

Girls football team

Lets kick it off with this wooden football medal for Chasetown Football Club

A simple yet effective design showing their club logo and a nice boarder etch to add a bit more detail. A splash of colour with the royal blue ribbon and these are a great way to reward success and hard work for the girls football team.


Local to us is Telford United and these wooden football medals were done for free as well! Again a simple yet effective design for the medals and this time a little splash of colour with the Navy Ribbon. 

Last by no means least are these wooden football medals for Liberty Ladies Football Team. 

it was a request for 10 medals for the Liberty Ladies Football team! These ladies are incredible, and all have a learning disability or Physical barrier.  They went to watch the Lionesses play in the tournament and were even more Inspired!  


If you've felt inspired by our sporting heroes or even by some of the medals you've seen in this blog post please get in touch for some quotes samples and pricing.

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