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Wooden Medals for Charity Event - The Lewis Moody Foundation



When it comes to Charity fund raising there are lost of different ways you can raise funds. Some do bake sales, some do coffee mornings but for the Lewis Moody Foundation they specialise in Challenges.

This time we were privileged enough to do the wooden event medals for the Mighty Amazon Challenge. 

The design:

This design for the wooden medal was passed to us from the Lewis Moody foundation themselves - Going with a simplistic design which if you agree has translated really well as an engraved article on our sustainable wooden medal.

The Event:

Checkout this excerpt from the website itself which perfectly describes the challenge itself:

"This unique challenge will see you head out to an incredible and diverse ecosystem in Brazil to experience everything the Amazon Jungle has to offer. Trekking alongside England Rugby Legends, Lewis Moody and Tom Croft, you will be led deep into the Amazon to immerse yourself in the Jungle for 5 nights.

With temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity, looking after yourself and your kit will be essential to survival. During the challenge you will discover more about this remarkable environment, gain new skills and experience how physically and psychologically challenging the rainforest can be. With a mixture of trekking many kilometres of dense jungle and canoeing the Amazon river, each day will take you on a steep learning curve.

With just 15 places available to join Lewis Moody and Tom Croft, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something unique, take a break from everyday life and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This is your chance to achieve something special not only for yourself but for those affected by the brutal reality of living with a brain tumour. So what are you waiting for..? Sign up today!

Event organised by Charity Challenge"

The Cause:

Our ambition is simple. They tackle brain tumours together, building a community of people dedicated to helping those affected – and their families.

Here at Zero Waste Medals we love to help out foundations and Charities and for this event it was no different, they got a great price on their wooden medals for this event, which meant that they are able to put even more money back in the pot for the cause.

If you'd like some wooden/slate/ceramic medals for your event.Then get in touch with us!

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