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Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medal

Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medal

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Introducing our 55mm diameter Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medals – where affordability meets excellence for smaller budgets! Crafted with care from sustainable wood, these medals are a purse-friendly yet impactful choice for recognising achievements without compromising on quality.

🌳 Sustainable Simplicity: Our Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medals embody simplicity and sustainability. Crafted from eco-friendly wood, these medals celebrate achievements with a touch of nature while catering to smaller budgets.

Precision Engraving: Despite being our budget-friendly option, these medals feature precision engraving to ensure your custom design, logo, or message is beautifully etched onto the wooden surface. Each medal tells a unique story without breaking the bank.

💰 Ideal for Small Budgets: Designed with smaller budgets in mind, these medals offer a cost-effective solution for recognising accomplishments without sacrificing quality. Affordable and impactful, they are perfect for events where budget considerations are key.

🏅 Versatile Recognition: Whether it's a school event, community competition, or corporate gathering, our Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medals are versatile enough to suit various occasions. Affordable excellence for every achievement.

🌍 Sustainability on a Budget: At Zero Waste Medals, sustainability is our commitment. Even with our budget option, we ensure that your recognition comes with an eco-friendly touch, making responsible choices accessible for all.

🛍️ Budget-Friendly Excellence: Join us in making recognition affordable and impactful. Choose the Super Budget Engraved Wooden Medals for a cost-effective yet meaningful way to celebrate success.

Shop our budget-friendly wooden medals today and make every achievement special without breaking the bank. Because at Zero Waste Medals, we believe in making excellence accessible for everyone.