Bespoke Medal Pricing

When it comes to pricing the medals for your event there are a few factors that are taken into consideration; the size, the thickness and the design. 

You pay absolutely nothing for setup or designing the medal for you. 

All we ask is that you come to us with an idea of what you’d like and we’ll do the rest. Check out some of our example pricing below:


The pricing above is based on a 3mm thick 70mm diameter this includes single colour satin ribbon, VAT & delivery.

These prices are not guaranteed to be the same for your event as it is all dependant on your design. However this gives you a rough idea of what to expect.


Additional feature options '(per medal):

5mm ply +20p 

Logslices +50p 

Slate +50p 

Bamboo (naturally sustainable) +£1.00 

Foil Printed ribbon (Single colour text/logo) +45p per medal (min quantity 50)