Meet the Team

Michael here,

The design guy, the techie and the guy who runs the laser which creates the spectacular wooden medals. Also in the team is Andrew who heads up the communications and incredible customer service.  

Neil who looks after hardware maintenance and operations.

Medals by MSAM is part of the MySports and More brand which all started in 2014.

Over the years we've honed our craft and found a real footing in the sporting industry starting out in the OCR circuit. Going to events and setting up a shop for people to buy their kit on the day.

Gradually we found that there was something missing when it came to medals at the events we were visiting. So we got to work utilising my design skills and tech knowhow, Neils resourcefulness and Andrews contacts within the sports industry.

Medals by MSAM was born and we've been going from strength to strength ever since.

As sports fanatics we know that a medal holds a special place in peoples hearts as its not only a reward but a memory of a great moment. We feel that being included in the sporting industry gives us a great insight into what makes medals great.


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