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Inspiring Events with Zero Waste Medals: Top 10 Engaging Ideas for Race Directors and Charity Fundraisers

Race directors and charity fundraisers play a crucial role in organising events that not only bring people together but also create a positive impact. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness in event planning. One innovative way to inspire participants and promote environmental responsibility is through the use of zero waste medals. These unique medals, crafted from sustainable materials like wood, glass, ceramic, or slate, not only serve as tokens of achievement but also contribute to a greener future.
Not all events have to be fitness related or challenging. In this blog post, we will explore alternative ideas to ones you may have already organised or participated in in the past with the top 10 occasions in October.
1.Coffee Day (October 1st)
Host a charity run or walk where participants receive a zero waste medal crafted from reclaimed wood or sustainable ceramic. Partner with local coffee shops to provide organic, fair-trade coffee for participants to enjoy after the event, promoting sustainability in the coffee industry.
2.World Space Week (October 4th to 10th)
Organise an interactive stargazing event in collaboration with local astronomers or planetariums. Encourage participants to learn about the cosmos, constellations, and the importance of preserving dark skies.
3.World Smile Day (October 5th) 
Spread happiness and positivity by hosting a community gathering or a volunteer-driven event. Engage participants in random acts of kindness, such as distributing smiles cards or organising surprise acts of generosity for strangers. Participants can document one kind gesture they've done every day in October to receive their medal.
4.World Poetry Day (October 5th)
Celebrate the beauty of language and creativity by organising a poetry slam or an open mic night. Invite local poets, writers, and performers to share their work and inspire others to express themselves through poetry.
5.Grandparents Day (October 10th)
Host a special event that honours the role of grandparents and the wisdom they impart. Organise a family-friendly walk or a picnic, where children and grandchildren can engage in intergenerational activities and create lasting memories. Plan a community action project to help spruce up an elderly care  home's garden by planting flowers and donating a bench. Or work with charities to help combat elderly loneliness by organising an afternoon tea in the local community centre. 
6.Harry Potter Book Day (October 12th)
Create a magical experience for participants by organising a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt or a quidditch tournament. Encourage participants to dress up as their favourite characters and engage in wizarding world-inspired challenges. Create a monthly community pub quiz where each week is themed. Winners of the Harry Potter quiz can take away a Wizard Hat 1st place medal for their outstanding knowledge. 
7.International Archaeology Day (October 15th)
Host an archaeological dig or a history-themed event where participants can learn about local heritage and preservation efforts. Collaborate with archaeologists or historical societies to create educational activities and exhibits.
8.World Singing Day (October 21st)
Celebrate the universal language of music by organising a community choir event or a karaoke night. Encourage participants of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share the joy of singing.
9.Halloween (October 31st)
Organise a Halloween trick or treat scavenger hunt where participants have to find all the clues which lead them to a stash of sweets at the end alongside their medal reward.
10.Day of the Dead (October 31st)
Celebrate the vibrant Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos by hosting a Mexican festival. Include activities such as face painting, traditional music and dance performances, cultural food dishes and an altar where participants can honour their loved ones.
Zero Waste Medals can help you provide rewards for any event planned with our wide range of sustainable medals and trophies. Medals and trophies aren't just awards for racing events, marathons, competitions etc... Our range can help commemorate an important day. Be that a personalised gift, or a memory for a wedding, birthday, anniversary. They can be participation awards for taking part or a thankyou award for fundraising for a charity. 
Whatever you want your medals or trophies for, we are here to help. Contact us to get started on your Zero Waste Medals journey. 

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