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Medal of the week - Some of our favourite things

Here at Zero Waste Medals, we are blessed to have many great customers hungry for medals for their events.

While we legitimately enjoy working on all your designs for the medals, we couldn't post them all here(way too many plus some we agree not to post about umtil events are over to keep the runners surprised when they get them)

The above photo is the medal we were asked to produce for one of limitless trails races. This was a cool medal to make because it used multiple techniques to produce the final piece.

We first had to design the graphic for the slate middle, we enjoy working with slate and have written about it before here

Limitless Trials

Next was the wood back piece for the ribbon to go through. We engraved the race details onto the wood with space in the middle for the finished slate piece to be glued upon.

Some would have finished here and called it a day... Not us at ZW. We used our sublimation technique to add the client's logo on the back of each medal in full colour.

We felt this looked really strong from a design view point and would like to do similar in the future. 



So if you have an event coming up and have an idea you want us to try, feel free to contract us. We have a wide range of methods we use and always try to develop new ways of making interesting medals for you all.

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