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Score Big with Eco Friendly Pre-Designed Football Medals and Trophies


In the world of football events, be it youth tournaments, amateur leagues, or corporate football matches, there's always one thing that organisers share: the quest for unique, standout football medals and trophies that make champions feel truly special. At Zero Waste Medals, we understand the importance of recognising football achievements and celebrating excellence on the pitch. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our new range of pre-designed and sustainable football medals and trophies, tailored to cater to your needs and save you valuable time.

 The Collection: Designs That Celebrate Football Victories

Our new collection boasts three exquisite designs, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of football victory and excellence. Whether you're looking to commemorate a young player's football triumph, a team's championship glory, or an employee's outstanding contributions to your company's football league, our pre-designed football medals and trophies are a testament to style and quality.

 Wood, Ceramic, or Slate: The Choice for Football Enthusiasts

We believe in offering football enthusiasts the freedom to choose materials that resonate with their passion for the game. That's why our football medals and trophies can be crafted from three eco-friendly materials: wood, ceramic, or slate. This diverse range ensures that your football awards align perfectly with the spirit and enthusiasm of the beautiful game.

  • Wood: Rustic and elegant, wooden football awards add a touch of warmth to any football event, from youth soccer tournaments to corporate soccer showdowns.

  • Ceramic: For a timeless and classic look, ceramic football medals and trophies are the ideal choice. They're easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for a wide range of football occasions.

  • Slate: Sleek and sophisticated, slate football awards exude a sense of prestige, making them the perfect choice for corporate football events and occasions where luxury meets the love for the game.


Colour and Engraving: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Football Awards

Our pre-designed football medals and trophies may already be stunning, but we believe in the power of personalisation. You can select from a palette of colors to match your football event's theme or branding. Furthermore, we offer expert engraving services, allowing you to add names, event details, or inspirational football quotes to make each award uniquely memorable.

A Time-Saver for Busy Football Organisers

One of the standout advantages of our pre-designed football medals and trophies is the time they save for football event organisers. Traditional custom football awards can take weeks to design, approve, and manufacture. With our ready-made football designs, you can significantly reduce the lead time and ensure that your football awards are ready when the final whistle blows.

In today's fast-paced world of football, where matches are scheduled back-to-back and seasons are demanding, every minute counts. Our pre-designed football medals and trophies enable you to recognise football excellence without the hassle of long lead times and delays. This not only eases the stress of football event planning but also ensures that champions receive their well-deserved recognition promptly.

Personalisation Options for a Unique Football Touch

While our pre-designed football medals and trophies offer convenience and speed, they do not compromise on personalisation. We understand that every football event is unique, and that's why we offer the option to personalise each football award with names, event details, and any other football-related information you deem important. This personal touch ensures that your football awards remain special and memorable to the football champions.


At Zero Waste Medals, we're committed to helping you make your football events truly exceptional. Our new range of pre-designed and sustainable football medals and trophies combines style, quality, and customisation, all while saving you valuable time in the football event planning process. With options for materials, colours, and engraving, you can ensure that your football awards align perfectly with the passion and enthusiasm of the beautiful game.

So, why wait? Score big with ease and style by choosing our pre-designed football medals and trophies. Contact us today to explore our collection and bring a touch of football excellence to your next match or football event. Get your quick quote today and recognise football achievements like never before with Zero Waste Medals.

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